How To Fix Internet Explorer 7

Internet savvy people prefer a browser which boasts of power packed features and one which has a high performance and gives out some quick results. While you’re still keen to repair the good old Internet Explorer, do take a bit of time to understand some of the issues regarding it.

Add-ons provide some of the best features when they’re included into the standalone browsers.  Internet Explorer is no different. But sometimes, installing unnecessary add-ons or any damage caused to the data files all result in some problems with the basic running of the browser. IE is no different.
One can easily find out that the culprit is the internet explorer and not the computer system running the browser by

  • Opening web pages- if your system hangs, then your browser is the culprit. All you can do is to restart the system again.
  • Typically on a faulty browser, the web pages open very slow.
  • Links on the web page are broken and leads to a browser crash.

If such problems persist, then you should look at resolving the problems associated with your browser otherwise it may cause some unrecoverable damage to your computer. You can resolve these browser issues by:

  • Restoring the default settings on your browser.
  • You can reinstall the browser completely if you cannot restore the default settings.
  • You can even repair the browser by installing the Service Pack 3 for Windows XP operating system. The service pack contains some of the key attributes to resolve the browser issues.
  • Another cause for an improper functioning of IE could be a faulty registry. You should try to clean up registry on your machine by making use of any of the available registry cleaning software. It is a rather known fact that a clean registry ensures a smooth functioning of the browser.