How To Extend Your Laptop Battery Life

Quick Tip Make Your Battery Last Longer

Laptops are known to be plagued by battery issues. Some of the most expensive and advanced laptops too suffer from battery problems within a few months after they’re purchased.

Though warranties do cover for some of the deficient manufacturing issues on batteries, they are limited to a specific time period and therefore mostly ineffective. Therefore, it is necessary to put in some more effort in order to take care of your laptop so that you can extend its battery’s life.

Some easy methods to increase the life of laptop’s batteries are:

1. Keep your hard drive clean by clearing out junk data on your hard drive. Also you should regularly defragment your hard disk using any of the available software. It is absolutely crucial for your battery life.

2. Laptops have an included option to reduce the brightness of your screen. You can also try to reduce the burden on your CPU for faster cooling.

3. Most of the times, an external drive won’t be in use. You should make it a practice to remove external drives when they’re not in use.

4.  Reduce the CD or DVD usage on your laptop. Try to use your hard drive instead by making use of virtual drives.

6. Make it a point to thoroughly clean the battery contact using alcohol at every two months to improve power transfer.

7. Make sure you use your battery frequently. Care must be taken to see that the Li-On batteries are not completely discharged.

8. Avoid placing the laptop on standby mode. Always choose to hibernate your laptop to save energy.

9. Have the air vents clean. It helps to keep the laptop cool and thereby increases performance.

10. Make effective use of the power optimization features.

11. Avoid multitasking as much as possible. A lot of battery is consumed by multitasking processes.