How To Speed Up Firefox

Quick Tip To Speed Up Firefox
One of the turnoffs while browsing the internet is a slow internet browser. Such slow browsers mean that a lot of discomfort caused at work, study and/or during personal time.
Just visualize you having to complete something within a few hours and suppose that it requires a lot of search through the internet for information.  Now if your browser hangs or does not respond, then you’re as good as stuck in your work. One common solution is to change browsers.

However, Mozilla Firefox has a few tweaks which you are suggested to try out before taking any hasty decision.

  • You can speed up Firefox by typing "about:config" in the address bar of your browser. A page with a whole lot of options is shown.
  • In the filter bar, search for "network.http.pipelining" and change the value set to "True". Then search for a “maxrequest” value, which is the number of requests your browser sends to a server. Change the value set in there to eight.
  • Once you’ve done all of this, you now need to right click on the window and go to New > Integer. In the next tab, in the name field, enter "nglayout.initialpaint.delay". Set the value as 0 click on OK.

The power of Firefox lies in its Add-ons. One such add-on, FasterFox can be used to increase the rendering speed of the browser. The add-on utilizes the idle bandwidth to reactivate and therefore ensures a faster page load. After you’ve covered all these bases, you will easily end up with a really quick and lightening fast browser.