How To Speed Up Windows XP & Windows Vista

Tips to Speed up Boot Time with Windows XP and Vista and optimizing the speed of your PC.
Impatience is one of the common characteristics of most computer users. This is more so in the case of boot times of computers. For those of you who hate having to wait for the computer to boot up, the following sections will provide tips on how to reduce the boot times taken by computers running on operating systems such as Windows Vista and Windows XP. By implementing these, your wait for your PC to boot up will reduce considerably.

For Windows XP users:

The major cause for the delayed boot up on a Windows XP systems are the programs that boot up automatically. The way forward is to remove the unwanted programs from starting at boot time. There is absolutely no harm caused to the computer or the operating system by this procedure.  This can be done by going to ‘start’ option and selecting ‘run’ and typing ‘msconfig’ in the dialog box. Once done, you will find a tab with a list of programs that run on startup. Simply uncheck those programs which you deem are unnecessary. This will improve your boot speeds considerably.

For Windows Vista users:

Windows Vista was released around the time when the computers had started to have more than one cores in their processors. Vista, by default, uses only a single core of your processor. So in case you are running a computer with more than one core, it is very easy to reduced the boot up time.
This can be done by first typing ‘msconfig’ in the text box which appears when clicked on the Start menu. A window called ‘System Configuration’ will pop up. On that window, select the Boot tab and then select the ‘Advanced options’.  Proceed to click the check box with the tag “Number of Processors” and then select the option for 2 or 4 based on the number of cores in your processor. Click on ‘Apply’ and then ‘Ok’ to confirm changes.